Awareness Campaign to Combat COVID-19 in Balkh province

KAWUN Institute of Higher Education with AFAF has designed a public awareness campaign to combat the novel coronavirus – the campaign has been launched to reach people, improve their behavior to achieve safer, high-quality health care practices; the health system in-country is not capable of fighting the disease, we at KAWUN, understand that raising awareness of the public is a great tool to combat this disease. On 14th April 2020, KAWUN Institute of Higher Education has signed a project agreement with cooperation and funding of the General Consulate of Germany to carry out proposed activities in 4 districts, 1) Dehdadi 2) Nahreshahi 3) Balkh and 4) Khulum of Balkh province.

KAWUN has designed the public awareness campaign in below 4 components:


According to plan, KAWUN Institute of Higher Education will install one billboard in each of the targeted district.


Project team of KAWUN Institute of Higher Education has prepared and printed over 12000 one-pagers (flyers)

Radio Spots

KAWUN has prepared a radio spot ad on COVID-19 – we have identified 4 local radio stations with maximum coverage in Balkh province including Arezo and Lahza Radio.

TV Informative Ad

KAWUN has produced an informative TV ad to convey the message to public and prevent spread of COVID-19.

Note:  Additional activates

The government of Afghanistan has started to distribute bread for vulnerable families across the country – during the distribution, people do not maintain a safe distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19 – therefore, the Municipality of Balkh province has requested KAWUN to draw signs and encourage people to maintain social distancing and avoid the spread of COVID-19. Under this project, the management of KAWUN has planned to draw signs of social distancing in front of bakeries and as of today, KAWUN has drawn signs in front of several bakeries in different districts of Mazar-e-Sharif city. The project team will continue to draw signs in front of the bakeries in the remaining areas of the city.

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Dr. Tetsu Nakamura

Dr. Tetsu Nakamura Also Known as Kaka Murad was a Japanese physician and honorary Afghan citizen who headed Peace Japan Medical Services.

This great man is called hero. You sacrificed your life to bring light to the dark.

You turn the dry desert to green garden. you were a silent giant and a true general of peace. You are our Hero! You shine in our heart forever.

We condemn the terrorists who murdered him. Afghanistan miss You!!

Die fließenden Bäche in den Garten unserer Klinik und Schule in Khewa Jelalabad sind sein Werk. Wir möchten den Todestag von Dr. Tetsu Nakamura, كاكامراد unser Heros mit Gebeten und Zünden einer Kerze gedenken. Möge sein Licht für immer scheinen und seine Seele in Frieden ruhen.

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COVID-19 and Afghan poverty

Doctor Association for Afghan Refugees (AFAF) has always tried to provide timely assistance in various fields. Coronavirus has exacerbated poverty in most countries, especially Afghanistan, our colloquies from (May, June, and July 2020) in Afghanistan have identified the area that internal displaced people lives there, AFAF has acted quickly for them and provided food packages. AFAF has been distributed food aid packages to poor people, internally displaced families in Ghorband, Pandjeer, Khewa/ Jelalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif and Kabul.

ProvenceRegion  EuroFamilien
Mazar -e- Sharif und UmgebungNorthern  2.000,00 €  91
Ghorband / SiagerdCenter3.500,00 €73
Panjshar / KabulCenter3.000,00 €56
Kabul / ZorabadCenter1.500,00 €35
Khawa / JallalabadEasthern5.000,00 € (aus 2019)Ca. 180

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