25 years

Physicians Association for Afghan Refugees (regd)

1983 Association was founded by Medical Doctors in order to help the refugees of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

From 1985 to 1997 Members of the Association travelled regularly to Pakistan and some inner areas of Afghanistan. The journeys took place during their holidays and all related travelling expenses were paid by the members from their private funds so that donations could be used directly to benefit the refugees.

Outpatient clinics were setup with medicine, bandages and medical equipment. In addition to this, local skilled personnel were supported in caring for their patients and trained to use the supplied medical equipment.

Wells were drilled, tents distributed and direct financial help for widows and orphans was given in various camps.

Schools and day-care facilities were supported and supplied with furnishings including fans so that lessons could continue in the summer months.

Since 1986, the Psychiatric Centre in Peshawar has been regularly supported financially. It was the only treatment option available for the psychiatrically iII, torture victims and drug addicts.

1987 A diagnostic and therapy centre was set up in Peshawar.

This centre was the only possibility for refugees to have laboratory tests conducted free of charge.

4 Afghanistan doctors, 3 lab technicians, 2 nurses, 1 physical therapist, 2 helpers and a cook work in this facility and treat between 3,500 and 4,000 patients monthly.

500 kg in packages (ECG and ultrasound equipment, photometer, microscope, lab equipment, reagents, etc.) were brought in from Germany as on-flight baggage.

A Colleague continues to this day to work with the ultra sound equipment in Mazar-iSharif (state in northern Afghanistan)

A camp outside Peshawars with 7,000 refugees, and no other medical treatment available, is serviced 2 times weekly with our mobile station (bus).

1987, 1989 and 1993 trips were taken to the inner parts of Afghanistan to supply medicine and instruments to the outpatient clinics.

1996-97 the dental centre, in the Kandahar hospital, was financially supported.

Help in Afghanistan since 2002

5 ambulances, completely loaded with medical equipment were delivered to 5 northwestern provinces.

Various hospitals in Kabul

were supported among other things with monitors, ECGs, minor surgical instruments, furnishings, medicine, construction and drilling of wells.

Medical treatment was provided in towns and for nomads with locally purchased medicine.

Supplies (foodstuff, tents and warm blankets) were personally distributed in Kabul as weil as in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Outpatient clinic in Pandjeer Valley

A premature baby station was organized in the Maiwand Children’s hospital (Kabul) and supplied with medicine and medical equipment.

Ultrasound and ECG equipment was brought from Germany.

The 3 month long training of an Afghanistan Paediatrician in a children’s cardiology praxis in Germany was made possible.

Construction of an outpatient clinic in Shewa

In this clinic between 900 and 1,100 patients are treated monthly, 75% thereof are children and women.

Construction of an elementary school in Shewa

Boys and girls are taught in 6 classrooms.

The school is recognized by the state, between 200 and 400 student are enrolled per year.

Delivery of twocontainers with medical furnishings and equipment.

The first container was intended for the burnt down university hospital in Mazar-iSharif. There were beds and medical equipment, provided by the Detmold clinic.

With the contents of the second container, a psychiatric ward was organized in the university hospital of Kabul.

The printing of medical journals was financially supported.

Continuing education of afghan doctors in the cardiologic intensive medical practice and lectures as well as practical experience for students of dentistry.