Two years have passed since he killed

17.December 2021

Dr. Tetsu Nakamura devoted much of his life to Afghanistan, treating patients, educating people, and watering their deserts

Dr Tetsu Nakamura, a Japanese physician was shot and killed two years ago with a driver and four bodyguards, while heading to work in Jalalabad, Afghanistan in an aid vehicle. Kaka Murad did so much for his adopted country during his time there. he devoted much of his life to alleviating the suffering of the people of Afghanistan as well as Pakistan.

In addition to opening several clinics, he helped build mosques and launched projects to construct irrigation canals. In a country devastated by drought, it saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

He set out to build that irrigation canal with water from the Kunar River. This wasn’t just some grand scheme that he would be able to pass on to experts. There were no civil engineers in the region capable of carrying out the task.  “By 2016, eight additional canals had been built or restored in the area, irrigating 16,000 hectares. It helped provide food and water for more than 600,000 residents. The man chiefly responsible for it all was granted honorary citizenship by the government of Afghanistan in October 2019” Matthew Hernon

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