COVID-19 and Afghan poverty

16.August 2020

Doctor Association for Afghan Refugees (AFAF) has always tried to provide timely assistance in various fields. Coronavirus has exacerbated poverty in most countries, especially Afghanistan, our colloquies from (May, June, and July 2020) in Afghanistan have identified the area that internal displaced people lives there, AFAF has acted quickly for them and provided food packages. AFAF has been distributed food aid packages to poor people, internally displaced families in Ghorband, Pandjeer, Khewa/ Jelalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif and Kabul.

ProvenceRegion  EuroFamilien
Mazar -e- Sharif und UmgebungNorthern  2.000,00 €  91
Ghorband / SiagerdCenter3.500,00 €73
Panjshar / KabulCenter3.000,00 €56
Kabul / ZorabadCenter1.500,00 €35
Khawa / JallalabadEasthern5.000,00 € (aus 2019)Ca. 180

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